NEW Rural Home Internet Options For Flying Dust First Nation!

For rural areas in Saskatchewan, such as Flying Dust First Nation, the availability of quality rural home internet options has often been limited (or even non-existent). However, Beaver River Broadband is excited to introduce a range of internet plans now available for Flying Dust residents!

rural home internet options


The Challenge of Rural Connectivity for First Nations

Flying Dust First Nation, like many rural areas around the world, has experienced slow internet speeds, or no internet at all for far too long. Internet service providers (ISPs) have avoided bringing the internet to these remote areas because the cost to do so for so few people has been too high. 

As a result, residents have been disconnected from opportunities when it comes to education, healthcare, entertainment, and rural business. Beaver River Broadband, in partnership with the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) and SaskTel is revolutionizing bringing connectivity to these underserved communities.

The Role of Beaver River Broadband in Providing Rural Home Internet Options in Flying Dust First Nation

At Beaver River Broadband, our approach to providing rural home internet options is deeply rooted in catering to the specific requirements of Saskatchewan’s First Nations communities.

We have engaged in conversations with community members to better understand their online needs and challenges. This collaborative effort has allowed us to tailor our solutions to best suit the needs of the community.

The introduction of these new rural home internet options marks a significant step toward sustainable growth and progress for Flying Dust First Nation. With access to high-speed internet, residents can explore new online educational opportunities, and establish online businesses. They can also connect with family and friends across the globe, and stay updated with the latest information, trend, and news.

As technology continues to advance, Beaver River Broadband is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, consistently seeking out new ways to enhance connectivity for rural communities. 

Available Packages in Flying Dust First Nation

Flying Dust First Nation can now enjoy up to 100 Mbps speed for internet services. The following plans are also available:

internet package 100
internet package 75
internet package 50
internet package 20

Right now, when you sign up for Beaver River Broadband Internet Services, you will get the next fastest wireless internet package FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE for 3 months! To take advantage of this offer, visit or call 1-306-450-3240.

How to Sign Up to Experience The Best Rural Home Internet Options

If you’re a resident of Flying Dust First Nation looking to upgrade your internet experience, Beaver River Broadband’s 100 Mbps service is the perfect choice. Unlock lightning-fast speeds by simply calling (306) 450-3240 to sign up.

If you’re not a member of Flying Dust First Nation, check the coverage map on to see if the 100 Mbps service is available in your area. Don’t miss the chance to join our growing community.

Beyond internet access, we have recently introduced an innovative TV service designed specifically for rural communities. This service offers a wide range of entertainment options, including streaming platforms, live television, and on-demand content, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable TV.

To explore your options, reach out to Beaver River Broadband at (306) 450-3240 and speak to a friendly (and local) customer service representative today.