Unlimited Calling Is A Standard Feature With

Beaver River broadband
Home Phone

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How does Beaver River Broadband Phone work?

The technology our telephone service uses is known as 'VoIP'. 'VoIP' stands for 'Voice over internet protocol' and it uses your internet connection to provide an all-digital phone service at a much cheaper rate than traditional telephone providers. You simply plug your existing phone into your ATA phone adapter, plug the adapter into your router, then you are able to make and receive calls as you normally would.

Unlimited Canada and US Calling

All our packages include unlimited calling in all of Canada and US.

Take Your Phone Number Anywhere You Go

Don't be afraid you'll lose your number, you can bring your phone number over to our service with the click of a buton!

International Long Distance Available

We have really competitive rates for international calling available to all of our phone custoners.

No Contracts

That's right, we do not make you sign any commitment plans, we believe our exceptional service and product will be enough to keep you as a loyal customer.

We make it simple,
you get it all for one low price.

ATA - Grandstream HT80

The Grandstream HT80 2 Port adapter enables high0quality voIP service with a comprehensive feature set through a broadband internet connection. Easy to install and use, it works over an IP network to connect analog phones and fax machines to a VoIP service provider and prvides support for additional LAN connections.

$25.00/ One time Fee

Connecting Beaver River Broadband Home Phone

Your ATA is configured by Beaver River here in store and is plug and play ready. Below you will find an illustration on how to set your phone service.

Yes, you can keep your current phone number! To port your existing number is Free.

We will need a copy of your most recent invoice from your current provider.