What Beaver River Broadband Is Doing to Close the Digital Divide In Canada (Saskatchewan)

In the face of the digital divide in Canada, Beaver River Broadband has taken a series of proactive initiatives to bridge the gap and ensure that residents of rural Saskatchewan, Canada have access to reliable high-speed internet services and can fully participate in the digital age.

digital divide in canada

What Is the Digital Divide?

According to investopedia.comThe digital divide refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology and those that don’t. Though the term now encompasses the technical and financial ability to utilize available technology—along with access (or a lack of access) to the internet—the gap it refers to is constantly shifting with the development of technology.”

In simple terms, the digital divide describes the gap between individuals or communities who have access to modern information and communication technologies and those who do not.

What Are the Examples of Digital Divide?

The digital divide includes various aspects of inequality related to technology and internet access. Here are some examples of the digital divide:

  • Infrastructure Divide: According to robertsmith.comThe lack of modern infrastructures in different regions plays a big part in the digital divide. For example, rural communities often lack access to high-speed internet and other telecommunications services in their towns and communities. Communities that lack the proper infrastructure to support broadband and other ICT needs are unable to take advantage of modern economic opportunities.”
  • Geographic Divide: The geographic divide separates communities, often caused by natural barriers, vast distances, or challenging terrain. This is a major challenge for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to deliver reliable internet connection to these communities.
  • Urban-Rural Divide: In urban areas, access to high-speed internet and digital resources is often more readily available compared to rural areas, leading to an urban-rural digital divide.

What Are the Effects of the Digital Divide?

The digital divide can have several significant effects on individuals and communities as a whole:

  • Educational Inequality: Lack of access to digital resources and the Internet limits the students from having access to virtual learning.
  • Information Access: Limited internet access can restrict people’s ability to stay informed about current events and access educational resources, which can hinder personal growth.
  • Employment Opportunities: Many job opportunities and job searches are conducted online. Without internet access, individuals may miss out on job openings and career development opportunities.
  • Social Isolation: As much of modern social interaction and communication occurs online, those without access may experience social isolation. This can lead to mental health issues and decreased social engagement.

It is important to understand these effects in today’s digital age. It impacts society, education, the economy, and individuals’ well-being. 

Beaver River Broadband’s Initiatives in Closing the Digital Divide in Canada (Saskatchewan)

Saskatchewan is home to diverse communities. While urban centers often have reliable internet access, rural and remote areas have historically struggled with connectivity issues. Beaver River Broadband has taken significant steps in bridging the digital divide in Saskatchewan.

One of the primary initiatives is the expansion of broadband infrastructure. Beaver River Broadband is working on extending high-speed internet access to underserved and remote areas in Saskatchewan. 

Beaver River Broadband actively engages with local communities to understand their specific needs and challenges. This community-driven approach ensures that solutions are tailored to the unique circumstances of each area.

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Digital Divide in Canada: Conclusion

Beaver River Broadband’s efforts to close the digital divide in Saskatchewan are commendable. Their initiatives, ranging from infrastructure expansion to community engagement, are making a positive impact on the lives of residents of First Nations in Saskatchewan. With their dedication and the support of the community, Saskatchewan is moving towards a more digitally inclusive future, where no one is left behind.