The Best Rural TV Options For Saskatchewan First Nations

rural tv options

People of First Nations in Saskatchewan now have access to the best rural TV options available. Beaver River Broadband recently launched its streaming TV service – Beaver River TV. We understand the unique challenges faced by the residents of rural Saskatchewan when it comes to accessing high-quality TV content.  At Beaver River Broadband, we are committed […]

Slow Connection? How To Check My Internet Speed

to check my internet speed

If your internet is slow and you’re wondering ‘how to check my internet speed’, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. You’re trying to watch a movie, work from home, Facetime your kids, or kick your gaming opponent’s butt, and suddenly the screen freezes, the wheel starts spinning on your monitor and time slows down.  […]

Reducing the Digital Divide for First Nations in Saskatchewan

reducing the digital divide

Why is it important to talk about reducing the digital divide? As the world becomes more connected through digital technology, it’s becoming increasingly clear that not everyone has equal access to the internet. This issue is especially prevalent in rural and remote areas of Saskatchewan, where the lack of infrastructure and funding has made it […]